Reshaping the Study of Sociology

Example Syllabi

Lower Division

Alkon, SOC 111 “Environment and Society”
Broadbent, SOC 1911 “Climate Change and Society”
Cordner, SOC 229 “Environmental Sociology”
Foran, SOC 130SD “The World in 2050: Sustainable Development and its Alternatives”
Foran, INT 133B “What’s Wrong with the World? How Do We Fix It? Perspectives and Solutions from the Environmental Humanities and Social Sciences”
Foran, SOC 134CJ “Climate Justice”
Foran, SOC 134EC “Earth in Crisis”
Godfrey, SOCY 2077 “Environment and Society”
Haney, SLGY 2255 “Environmental Sociology”
Holt, UES 110A “American South and the World”
Holt, UES 210WR “Environmental Problems and Policy”
Li, SOC 135 “Environment and Society”
Luna, SOC 2077 “Environment and Society”
Mascarenhas, ESPM 262 “Race, Place, and the Environment”

Morrell, SOAN 0236 “Sociology of Food and Agriculture”
Perkins, SOCI 199A “Environmental Inequality”
Perkins, SOCI 199B “Environmental Inequality”

Upper Division/Graduate

Besek, SOC 546 “Environmental Sociology”
Broadbent, SOC 4305 “Society and the Environment: An Enduring Conflict”
Cordner, SOC 353 “Environmental Justice”
Dunlap, SOC 5463 “Environmental Sociology” (Graduate)Godfrey, SOCY 4047 “Plants and Society”
Edwards, SOCI 3365 “Society & Environment”
Ford, SOCI 329 “Sociology of Climate Change”
Harrison, SOC 4047A “Environmental Justice”
Harrison, SOC 4047B “Environmental Justice”
Harrison, SOC 4117 “Food and Society”
Harrison, SOC 6007 “Foundations in Environmental Sociology”
Holt, SOC 376 “Environmental Sociology”
Hooks, SOC 2TT3 “Environmental Sociology”
Issar, SOCIOL 350 “Environmental Sociology”
Kashwan, POLS 3240E “Environmental & Climate Justice”
Khoshneviss, ANSO 251 “Nature and Society: Decentering Humans”
Knight, SOC 369 “Environmental Sociology”
Kojola, ENVI 237 “Environmental Justice”
Li, SOC 333 “Global Environmental Politics”
Mascarenhas, STSS 2300 “Environment and Society”
Mascarenhas, STSS 4965 “Environmental Justice”
McCright, SOC 325 “Science and the Environment: Social Sciences”
McCright, SOC 865 “Environmental Sociology” (Graduate)
Mertig, SOC 415/515 “Environmental Sociology/Society and Environment”
Morrell, SOC 320 “Environmental in(Justice) in America”
Morrell, SOC 370 “Sociology of Knowledge and Food Systems”
Norgaard, ENVS 435/535 “Environmental Justice”
Norgaard, SOC 416/516 “Sociology of Climate Change”
Norgaard SOC 616A “Gender, Race, and Environment”
Norgaard SOC 616B “Gender, Race, and Environment”
Peek, SOCY 5037 “Hazards, Disasters, and Society”
Sapinski, SOCI 437 “Issues in Environmental Sociology and Climate Change”
Sbicca, SOC 324 “Food Justice”
Sbicca, SOC 364 “Agriculture and Global Society”
Sbicca, SOC 562 “Sociology of Food Systems and Agriculture”
Stock, SOC 385 “Environmental Sociology”
Trivette, SOC 489 “Agriculture, Food, and Society”
Trivette, SOC 4999 “Agriculture, Food, and Society”
Zinda, SOC 3240 “Environmental Sociology”